Thank you for using Credport

by Nam Chu Hoai about 8 years ago

As you may have noticed, we have decided to suspend our work on Credport, below you will find the email we have send to our users. We will have a more in-depth post-mortem coming up.

Dear Credport User,

Thanks for signing up for Credport. Unfortunately, we have decided to shut down our service. We still believe trust and reputation on the web are extremely important, but just found that Credport was not the right product for the current market - and to be honest we're not sure what is.

We hope to see collaborative consumption and marketplaces continue to grow, and hope as well someday to see people able to truly leverage the reputation and trustworthiness they have earned online.

We really appreciate that you trusted us enough to sign up, and we will be deleting all user data on October 10th. We still plan to keep a version of site up as a reference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Yours in Trust,

Nam and Connor

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