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How It Works

Credport for Marketplaces Integration

Credport User Experience

See how Credport would work on your site. These screenshots are taken from one of our partners, Tamyca.

1. Sign up on your site

A new user to your site signs up through your normal sign up process.

2. Edit profile on your site

After completing the sign up process, users are given the option to build their reputation with reviews from other sites by signing up for Credport.

3. Credport Sign up

A pop-up appears for the user to create their Credport.

4. Add networks and return

The user can add networks and verifications (see which ones here), and then sees a reminder in the right corner to return to your site.

5. Finished!

Whenever anyone views that user's profile on your site, they see the Credport badge.

Want to see more?

We're happy to give you a more in depth idea with mockups - just ask!